Multi-tasking Mom’s Count on Reliable Tools and Services

According to the latest annual report from Infinite Dial, Edison Research and Triton Digital, “Moms in the United States continue to hold tight to their tech tools, with functionality being the biggest driver. While sheltering at home, now more than ever, moms are relying on their technology and media to get through the day.”

However, as the COVID Crisis begins to lift so commences the opportunity to create magical summer memories for those loved ones Moms hold near-and-dear. Eagle Hauling Services is here to support the Moms in our community by providing an efficient and reliable service to help create space for Summer Fun! It all begins with cleaning the space.

We get it, stuff piles up! Only now you’ve had an abundance of time staring at the nagging pile of items that need purging. Why not let us serve you—Mom?

Eagle Hauling Services has 10,20 and 40-yard roll-off containers, with walk-in access, delivered right to your property. As soon as the project is complete, we’ll come grab the container while you kick up your feet up and toast to the successful summer clean-up.

As an essential business we value our essential Moms – she is the gift that keeps on giving.

One call and its done! We got you!

Multi-tasking Mom, Eagle Hauling Services

Roll-Off Container “Dumpster” Rental for Home or Office Renovation

Did you know that homeowners can rent roll-off containers the same way contractors do? Dumpster rentals for home or ‘home’ office renovation are optimal when considering such a project. Tearing out rooms before remodeling can generate a tremendous amount of debris and it is unlikely you will be allowed to place such debris for the weekly garbage service to pick up. You might find that before you begin the project you will want to free yourself of junk and clutter, as well.

Eagle Hauling Services can deliver a small to a medium dumpster, better known as 10, 20 30-yarder right to your home. Roll-off containers, or dumpsters, are typically rented in standard cubic yard sizes, such as 10, 20, 30, or 40 yards.

Eagle Hauling Services drops the container and picks it up. If you have room on your property to place the container you should not have to worry about needing a permit. If you have an HOA (Homeowners Association) you will want to check with your contract before renting the container.

Please note: Eagle Hauling Services promotes and encourages the recycling of construction debris. We will sort the material for you. Hazardous waste is not allowed. For an extensive list of materials, click here.

Home of Office renovation roll-off container rental

Hauling Services for Roll-Off Dumpsters

Hauling Services for Roll-off Dumpsters

Eagle Hauling Services has roll-off dumpsters for rent (10,20,30 yards). Our dumpsters can be used to collect construction debris, such as, repairing a roof, remodeling or renovating, or cleaning out a garage. We have the roll-off size to meet your needs, as well as, recommendations if you are not sure.

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All containers have an easy-open back door that allows for walking material in:

  • 10 Yard: Width = 7 1/2 ft, Length = 12 ft, Height = 3 ft
  • 20 Yard: Width = 7 1/2 ft, Length = 20 ft, Height = 4 ft
  • 30 Yard: Width = 7 1/2 ft, Length = 20 ft, Height = 5.5 ft

For more information on what size best fits your project click here to, see details!

Hauling Services for Roll-off Dumpsters

Managing Construction Waste

It is essential for sustainable solid waste management to identify the reduction, recycling and reuse of waste, which means eliminating waste where possible, and reusing materials which might otherwise become waste.

Construction debris in the United States accounts for one-third of all waste nationwide. Therefore, even modest efforts to make better use of existing building materials can make significant changes. Depending on your building project old and excess materials can include:

  • windows, doors, and roofing
  • lumber and wood products
  • metals
  • vegetation and trees
  • cardboard and paper

The challenge has always been how to manage construction debris.


Local waste management is one of the top solutions to managing sustainable refuse. The keyword here is: local! If it takes too much time, effort, and gas to transport construction waste for recycling, look to another solution (like avoiding waste instead). Then add necessary trips to your overall construction schedule to minimize overall impact.

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Managing Construction Waste