Golf Course Clean Up

Eagle Hauling Services is widely known to partner with golfing communities when it comes to maintaining healthy and consistent grounds, in and around the putting green. Stressful weather can especially be a big cause for the decline in these areas.

Eagle Hauling Services has a flat rate service for horticulture, allowing for easy maintenance. In addition to the flat rate are itemized sorting of asphalt or concrete in the case of renovations.

New modifications to Eagle Hauling Services’ website makes renting a dumpster very efficient. Up-leveling client customizations on-top of an already dependable service. In other words, maintenance made easy. Call, text or fill out an order form today!

golf course clean up

Maintaining Essential Waste Management During a Global Pandemic

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19), now a global pandemic, brings challenges and raises questions concerning best practices and procedures in regard to waste management.

During this challenging time, Eagle Hauling Services will continue to deliver essential waste and recycling services to all its valuable customers in the Collier and Lee County areas.

Eagle Hauling Services maintains the highest standards in the safety of its team members and customers.

Eagle Hauling Services also recognizes this to be a challenging time for homeowners and businesses. To support our communities we have postponed recycling pick-up, except for on-demand, on an as needed basis.

We are maintaining regular service for our commercial projects, such as, commercial building, roofing, etc., until otherwise notified by local or state governments.

Give us a call, we’re here to help!

Eagle Hauling Services

Hauling Services for Roll-Off Dumpsters

Hauling Services for Roll-off Dumpsters

Eagle Hauling Services has roll-off dumpsters for rent (10,20,30 yards). Our dumpsters can be used to collect construction debris, such as, repairing a roof, remodeling or renovating, or cleaning out a garage. We have the roll-off size to meet your needs, as well as, recommendations if you are not sure.

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All containers have an easy-open back door that allows for walking material in:

  • 10 Yard: Width = 7 1/2 ft, Length = 12 ft, Height = 3 ft
  • 20 Yard: Width = 7 1/2 ft, Length = 20 ft, Height = 4 ft
  • 30 Yard: Width = 7 1/2 ft, Length = 20 ft, Height = 5.5 ft

For more information on what size best fits your project click here to, see details!

Hauling Services for Roll-off Dumpsters

Managing Construction Waste

It is essential for sustainable solid waste management to identify the reduction, recycling and reuse of waste, which means eliminating waste where possible, and reusing materials which might otherwise become waste.

Construction debris in the United States accounts for one-third of all waste nationwide. Therefore, even modest efforts to make better use of existing building materials can make significant changes. Depending on your building project old and excess materials can include:

  • windows, doors, and roofing
  • lumber and wood products
  • metals
  • vegetation and trees
  • cardboard and paper

The challenge has always been how to manage construction debris.


Local waste management is one of the top solutions to managing sustainable refuse. The keyword here is: local! If it takes too much time, effort, and gas to transport construction waste for recycling, look to another solution (like avoiding waste instead). Then add necessary trips to your overall construction schedule to minimize overall impact.

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Managing Construction Waste

The Word Dumpster

Here’s a fun fact for you: The word “Dumpster” came from the blending of a company name ‘Dempsters’, with the word dump.

In 1935 the Dempster brothers patented a system of mechanically loading the contents of standardized containers onto garbage trucks, which they called “Dumpsters”.

Eagle Hauling Services provides dumpsters for rent in Lee and Collier Counties.Call us today for inquiries

We carry 10, 20, and 30 yard roll-off dumpsters available for rent to industrial and residential customers. See details!

The word dumpster