Roll-Off Container “Dumpster” Rental for Home or Office Renovation

Did you know that homeowners can rent roll-off containers the same way contractors do? Dumpster rentals for home or ‘home’ office renovation are optimal when considering such a project. Tearing out rooms before remodeling can generate a tremendous amount of debris and it is unlikely you will be allowed to place such debris for the weekly garbage service to pick up. You might find that before you begin the project you will want to free yourself of junk and clutter, as well.

Eagle Hauling Services can deliver a small to a medium dumpster, better known as 10, 20 30-yarder right to your home. Roll-off containers, or dumpsters, are typically rented in standard cubic yard sizes, such as 10, 20, 30, or 40 yards.

Eagle Hauling Services drops the container and picks it up. If you have room on your property to place the container you should not have to worry about needing a permit. If you have an HOA (Homeowners Association) you will want to check with your contract before renting the container.

Please note: Eagle Hauling Services promotes and encourages the recycling of construction debris. We will sort the material for you. Hazardous waste is not allowed. For an extensive list of materials, click here.

Home of Office renovation roll-off container rental

Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel Dumpster Rental

If you’re considering a complete kitchen or bathroom renovation it is likely going to be more cost-effective and waste friendly to rent a dumpster. Here’s why …

You’re probably going to find that you will encounter some form of demolition during the project.

It is common to underestimate the amount of construction debris a particular kitchen/bathroom renovation or remodel will generate. This can not only become very inconvenient but costly as well.

It is not advised to use a small trailer unless it’s a very small project. 8-10yard trailers might seem handy at first, but for kitchen and bathroom renovation/remodels that produce more than 8 yards worth of debris, Eagle Hauling Services recommends the following:
Kitchen Remodels
For a small kitchen remodel, we recommend a 20-yard dumpster without going over the weight limit, but for a large kitchen remodel, you’re going to need a 30-yarder or 40-yarder.

  • When to use a 20-yarder: Small kitchens with minimal appliances
  • When to use a 30-yarder: Medium kitchens with some appliances
  • When to use a 40-yarder: Large kitchens with several appliances
Bathroom remodels
If you’re doing a small ½-bath remodel, you can get away with using a 10-yard container for the debris. However, for larger bathroom remodels, a 20-yard container is the option.
  • When to use a 10-yarder: 1½ baths, Small full baths (5 ft. x 5 ft. or smaller)
  • When to use a 20-yarder: Medium to large full baths (10 ft. x 10 ft. or smaller)

Last tip: RECYCLE. Eagle Hauling Services can help recycle your kitchen or bathroom renovation construction debris. All you have to do is order the dumpster and we’ll take care of the rest.
“In 2015, the Collier County Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Department reported a total of 418,820 tons of C&D material was diverted from the landfill. Of that, 83,764 tons were residential C&D material, and 335,056 tons were commercial C&D material”. Resource: CollierCountyFL.gov.

Eagle Hauling Services wants to help you “Be Green with your Construction Debris”, Call us today!

Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel Dumpster Rental

Holiday Season OnDemand Residential Dumpster Rental

The antipation or aftermath of the holiday season might find you in need of hauling away more waste than you expect. Rest assured Eagle Hauling Services has flexible dumpster rental services with on-demand pickup to suit your requirements.

Give us a call to schedule the rental of your on-demand, residential dumpster service today.

Maybe this holiday season you want to buy some new appliances or a new sectional and Smart TV to spruce up your entertainment room. You might find yourself wanting to host the holiday party of a lifetime and need to dispose of extra junk that has accumulated. In fact, you might have an old tool shed or a deck that you finally want to dismantle and replace. Projects like these normally generate a large amount of waste and debris, which as you know, cannot go into your residential waste or recycling bins. Every one of the Eagle Hauling Services containers will work well for your holiday season upgrades, with an easy-open back door for walking heavy appliances and other such materials in.

Holiday Season OnDemand Residential Dumpster Rental